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Collaboration in Art

Earlier in 2013 Mireille Beaufremez (Australia) received, via legal ways, the request of a Russian Lithuanian artist, Jurijus Kadamovas (Yuri), prisoner on death row in the US, to work in collaboration with him.

Yuri Kadamovas had come to know her art work by looking at some images she had published in an American Art Magazine ‘Modern Painters’. He was interested in her style of work.

Mireille Beaufremez was aware of the difficulties of communication that would have to be overcome, given Yuri Kadamovas’s restrictions, and also the distance separating them.

Nevertheless, she accepted.

Communication was facilitated by Yuri’s lawyers.

Both artists started sending each other some small pieces of their work that they were prepared to share and transform. They sent these pieces of work by post.

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