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Collaboration in Art

A/ The process of transformation of initial pictures.
This process is illustrated below by a few examples.

1 / Lost meaning

This is the initial Picture by Mireille, ink on paper that she sent to Yuri

Transformation 1

Cutting out of the original picture, collage and pencil work by Yuri


Transformation 2

Ink work added to the composition by Mireille for Lost Meaning

2 / Messenger

Initial pencil on paper work by Yuri

Transformation 1

Digital work by Mireille

Transformation 2

Digital  and colored pencil work by Mireille on Messenger

3 / Houses for the Soul

Initial Collage and Ink on paper by Mireille

Transformation1 and 2

Collage and pencil work by Yuri, then some collage of birds and curves by Mireille

Sound of a broken heart

Completed work

When works are completed to the satisfaction of both artists, they will appear on this website as well as on Yuri’s website.
Given the conditions of work, the sheer distance separating the artists, the difference of age, of cultural background, this realisation is quite unusual and shows that Art does not know boundaries. This experience illustrates its universality.
email Mireille Beaufremez for more information
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